So I love love loooovvve the Iowa Girl Eats website. This site has the greatest recipes and awesome photos!

My friend told me about this recipe on there; Chick-fil-A Bites with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce. Since the hubby love love loooovvves Chick-fil-A, we tried it and it became an instant fave around here. One weekend when we had family over I busted out the deep fat fryer that I got for Christmas (like 6 years ago and hadn’t yet used) for this recipe. I stood at the fryer for 2 straight hours preparing 3 pounds worth of chicken. It was a crap load of nuggets and I stunk of fried oil but I’ll admit it was worth it. Plus, I got to sample as I went along, you know, just to make sure nothing was poisinous (ha).

The batter/marinade for the chicken includes powdered sugar and pickle juice (who would’ve guessed) and the dipping sauce is a delicious combo of Greek yogurt, mustard, and honey. It would be a good dipping sauce for pretty much anything, not just chicken nuggets.

Here is the recipe