Our house has a beautiful front door. But guess how often we use it? Basically never. Instead, we park our cars in the garage, and enter the house through our laundry room and into the kitchen. So, I decided to spruce up the door and stairs in the garage since we see it all the time.

This door was plain white, and the stairs were gray, though scuffed and missing lots of paint. We also had an old almond-colored light switch plate cover. Here’s what I did…

easy DIY garage makeover


I added a few coats of black paint to the stairs. I also bought some black vinyl tiles, which will be a project for later. I plan on attaching them on top of the stairs with some floor adhesive.

Our oldest son helped paint the door a khaki color, and then I added a vinyl “Welcome” decal that I bought on Amazon (have I mentioned how much I love Amazon Prime?!?).

I also added an over-the-door wreath hanger and attached a wreath.

little helper {recipebookandmore.wordpress.com}


Below is the light switch cover plate that was next to our door. It was an old plastic thing and I considered buying a new, oil-rubbed bronze plate to match the doorknob, but decided to take a cheap thrifty/creative approach, and used Mod Podge and scrapbook paper to add a custom look. I just followed the directions of a tutorial at organizeyourstuffnow.com.

use ModPodge and scrapbook paper to make a custom-designed light switch plate cover

just 2 supplies needed to transform an old plastic lightswitch cover to a custom plate

garage into house - needs some TLC - added custom paint colors for the door and steps, then added a vinyl 'Welcome' decal and a wreath

garage - entry door - after

DIY garage makeover - custom colors for the steps and door, add a wreath and a vinyl decal