Buy ground beef in bulk and freeze in ziplocks. Smoosh down flat to save room in the freezer. Also includes 20+ freezer-friendly recipes. YUM.

As you can tell from this blog, I’m a huge fan of freezer cooking. I freeze meals as well as individual ingredients to use later.

Recently I split up a 5 pound package of ground beef. Here’s what I did: sectioned up the meat into individual 1-gallon freezer bags (I did two with 2lbs, and one with 1lb), and labeled them with a permanent marker. I smooshed each one down flat like a pancake, getting all of the air out, then sealed them. I placed the packages flat in the freezer. This way, when they are flat and thin, you can stack them to save room in the freezer. Plus when you go to thaw or defrost them, it takes less time since they are super thin.


Buy ground beef in bulk and freeze. Smoosh down flat in individual freezer bags to save room, and you can stack em like books in the freezer. Site also has tons of delicious freezer meals.

I saw another tip on, which looks pretty nifty too: after the ground beef is flat in the bag, section it off into squares to break off individual portions.

Also, here are some of my freezer-friendly recipes:

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