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Here’s a craft the kids and I worked on for Valentine’s Day: glass jar candle holders. You can customize these with any colors or patterns of tissue paper to match any holiday or décor. They would make perfect gifts for holidays or teacher appreciation. Many of the supplies can also be found at the dollar store – woo hoo!

DIY Upcycled Jar Candle Holders - just tissue paper and Mod Podge - customize for any theme, colors, or decor.



Tear pieces of tissue paper to use as your first layer, and stick to the outside of the jar using Mod Podge.

Add a second layer with shapes (trace shapes onto tissue paper using cookie cutters then cut out – or freehand cut out your shapes).

After your candle holder has its final design, coat all tissue paper with a layer of Mod Podge and let dry.

Place a flameless tea light inside the jar, and enjoy!

DIY Jar Candle Holders - tissue paper and ModPodge - easy kids craft!

DIY Jar Candle Holders - tissue paper and ModPodge - easy kids craft - use different colors and patterns of tissue paper for your theme.



DIY Jar Candle Holders - tissue paper and ModPodge -  use different colors and patterns of tissue paper for your theme.


Turn plain old jars into candle holders with just tissue paper and Mod Podge - DIY Tutorial

Turn old jars into candle holders with just tissue paper and Mod Podge - DIY Tutorial

flameless tea lights

Our little guy used the tissue paper shapes to make his own Valentine’s Day artwork by gluing hearts on paper…

Tissue Paper Valentines Day Craft - Toddler Art



Our little guy turned two!

Here’s a quick topping I put on his cake using just waxed paper and sprinkles:

Awesome tip: Use waxed paper and sprinkles for an easy cake topping!

Here’s what I did:

1. Print out a number (I used Microsoft Word), sized to the top of the cake

2. Trace the outline on waxed paper with a Sharpie

3. Using scissors or an x-acto knife, cut out the number, to make a stencil

4. Place waxed paper stencil on frosting

5. Top with sprinkles

6. Remove waxed paper

Make a stencil out of waxed paper for an easy numbered cake topper!

Use waxed paper as a stencil for a numbered cake topper!

Make a numbered cake topper with waxed paper and sprinkles.

Make a numbered cake topper with just waxed paper (as a stencil) and sprinkles!


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DIY Fabric Party Hat with Pom Pom Topper

DIY Paper Pennant Banner

DIY Birthday Photo Shoot

DIY Photo Background


1st birthday photo shoot idea - paper pennant banner, big bowl of Os

I took a few photos for our littlest guy’s 1st birthday. I set him up in our dining room to use the floor and the wall as a backdrop, and made sure we were close to the windows to get lots of awesome natural light.

For a simple background I hung up the paper party banner that I made, and for about 3.5 seconds (ha!) I was able to get a couple of shots with the fabric party hat I also made.

 1st birthday photo shoot - giant bowl of Os


Our son made a pipe cleaner spider at preschool as part of a rainforest theme week. He loves pretending it’s real…


I have a feeling we will be making some at home this fall when Halloween rolls around!

kid craft - spooky spider


  • 4 pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • hot glue gun OR craft glue


Twist pipe cleaners together at each of their middles, making the twisted part about an inch long.

Separate the pipe cleaners and bend them into leg shapes.

Attach eyes with glue and let dry.


pennant banner

I’m making a few things for our Little Guy’s 1st Birthday.

I started with a fabric party hat, and made a matching pennant banner with cardstock paper and a clothesline rope.

Here’s what I used…


  • scrapbook paper or cardstock
  • paper hole punch
  • string or rope (I used a 3/16″ braided clothesline)
  • optional – paper trimmer (for cutting triangles)
  • scissors


  1. Make a triangle-shaped template. I printed a triangle shape from Microsoft Word then cut it out.
  2. Trace triangle shapes on the paper/cardstock. I traced them on the back of the paper so the lines wouldn’t show.
  3. Cut out the triangles and punch a hole in each top corner.
  4. Thread the string/rope through the holes and hang.

triangle template

scrapbook paper

outline on the backs of the paper

punch holes in the 2 top corners of each triangle

pennant banner front and back

paper pennant banner