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Did you know you can make adorable fridge magnets with those flat glass marbles and ModPodge (both from the dollar store)? It’s so easy and perfect for teacher gifts, Christmas presents, party favors, and more! Just use your favorite scrapbook paper, stickers, photos, or pretty much anything you want to display.

Here’s what I ended up with:

DIY Personalized Magnets -- ModPodge and your fave images, patterns, stickers, behind a clear glass stone



Cut circles from scrapbook paper, photos, etc., to fit behind glass stones. I used a scalloped circle paper punch, but you could use scissors as well.

Using a paintbrush, brush Mod Podge on the front of your circle the attach to the back of the stone (like you are putting a photo in a frame, so the image you want shows through). The Mod Podge will eventually dry clear, FYI.

After the Mod Podge has dried, attach a magnet with hot glue to the backside of your paper, photo, etc., then let glue harden.


DIY Personalized Magnets Tutorial

DIY personalized magnets -- cut photos, scrapbook paper, stickers and more and Mod Podge to craft stones


DIY Personalized Magnet Tutorial - use Mod Podge to attach photos, scrapbook paper, stickers, to glass stones


DIY Personalized Magnet Tutorial - flat glass stones and magnetic discs - use your fave photos, images, stickers, scrapbook paper


DIY Personalized Magnet Tutorial - flat glass stones and magnetic discs - I found the Mod Podge, glass stones, and stickers at the dollar store!


Personalized Magnets DIY tutorial -- use your fave photos, scrapbook paper, stickers, images and ModPodge

DIY personalized magnets - use your fave photos, scrapbook paper, images, stickers

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1st birthday photo shoot idea - paper pennant banner, big bowl of Os

I took a few photos for our littlest guy’s 1st birthday. I set him up in our dining room to use the floor and the wall as a backdrop, and made sure we were close to the windows to get lots of awesome natural light.

For a simple background I hung up the paper party banner that I made, and for about 3.5 seconds (ha!) I was able to get a couple of shots with the fabric party hat I also made.

 1st birthday photo shoot - giant bowl of Os

Over the years I’ve accumulated an enormous collection of wrapping paper, boxes, gift bags, bows, ribbons, and more. The ‘wrapping’ sections of our storage room look like something straight from Hoarders.

So… using a roll of wrapping paper we had that was still in plastic (hurrah after-Christmas clearance) I created a photo background to take some snapshots of the kids. I needed just two things we already had: wrapping paper and painter’s tape.

I taped wrapping paper on the wall and rolled it down to the hardwood floor (it’s best to avoid carpet) and covered a patch on the floor as well. I placed it by some windows to allow for lots of natural light.

I used painter’s tape so it wouldn’t rip off the paint from the walls, or get stuck on the floor.


  • large roll of wrapping paper
  • painter’s tape

WHAT YOU DO: Use painter’s tape to hold a large sheet of wrapping paper to the wall and onto the floor. You can see the green painter’s tape at the top.

DIY wrapping paper photo background

Use painter’s tape to hold a large sheet of unrolled wrapping paper to the wall and hardwood floor. You can see the green painter’s tape at the top.

DIY photo background

happy kiddos

wrapping paper DIY photo background

This was our little guy’s first AND last photo with the wrapping paper LOL. You can see the floor part in the background.