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1st birthday photo shoot idea - paper pennant banner, big bowl of Os

I took a few photos for our littlest guy’s 1st birthday. I set him up in our dining room to use the floor and the wall as a backdrop, and made sure we were close to the windows to get lots of awesome natural light.

For a simple background I hung up the paper party banner that I made, and for about 3.5 seconds (ha!) I was able to get a couple of shots with the fabric party hat I also made.

 1st birthday photo shoot - giant bowl of Os

birthday hat

I made a birthday hat for our Little Guy’s 1st Birthday!

I attached fabric to a paper party hat, and also a pom pom that I made out of yarn and a fork.

Using the colors of the fabric as inspiration I made a paper pennant banner party decoration as well.

Here’s what I did:

wash & iron fabric (I used a fat quarter)

I washed, dried, and ironed some polka dot fabric. (this was a fat quarter).


I used a paper birthday hat as a template to determine how much fabric to attach.

trace around template

I traced around the paper hat so that the “right” side of the fabric would attach to the white side of the hat (leaving the black part of the hat on the inside).

attached with spray adhesive

I used spray adhesive on the back of the fabric and the white side of the paper hat then stuck them together.

I rolled the hat into a cone shape, and attached the bottom edge with 2 staples. Then I hot glued the rest of the seam up to the top.

I rolled the hat into the cone shape, and attached the bottom edge with 2 staples. Then I hot glued the rest of the seam up to the top.

hot glue

After stapling, I hot glued up the seam, and attached a yarn pom pom that I had previously made:

attached elastic string

I also hot glued the elastic string to the inside of the hat.

fabric party hat with yarn pom pom

Ta Da!

yarn pom pom on a fork

I needed something for the top of a party hat I’m making for our Wee One’s 1st Birthday.

I ended up using a yarn pom-pom that I made using a fork.

Here’s what I did: I wrapped some yarn around a large serving fork approximately 60 times, then tied across all threads down the middle between the fork tines. After tying in a tight knot I carefully slipped it off the fork then cut the edges on both sides, and trimmed the strings so they would be even.